Game Chef starts this year on May 10!

Game Chef begins this year on May 10th (and runs until midnight on May 18th). You might be asking yourself, “What can I do to prepare?”

Since the theme and ingredients aren’t revealed until the start of the competition, there’s nothing to prepare in the way of designing. However, there are still things you can do to set yourself up for success:

  • Read through the rules, on the front page of the site. Make sure you’re clear on how the competition works.
  • Pencil the important dates into your calendar.
  • As much as possible, try to set aside free time near the end of the competition (ideally May 17th-18th).
  • Pencil in a coffee date during the competition, to give you an opportunity to talk through your design, ideas, and barriers in person.

Other than that, the only thing you need to do is wait patiently.

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