To Each Their Own

I just wanted to take a moment and explain how the 8 language communities interact, and how their 8 competitions are related to one another.

All of the rules and explanatory text are first written in English, by the global coordinator. A theme and four ingredients are chosen by that global coordinator. Then, awesome volunteers in other languages put together volunteer teams to translate/localize/run the competition in their language. Each language has its own coordinator.

From the moment that materials are handed over to a language’s coordinator, they are in charge of their own competition. They choose what kind of online conversational spaces will be set up (whether it’s a forum, Facebook group, Google+ community, or something else). They can modify the rules or procedures as desired to better suit their community and its expectations. During the competition, each language coordinator may end up making judgement calls or arbitrations. Their decisions will be correct, even if a different language community implements the rules differently in their competition.

As global coordinator, I try to keep all the other language coordinators in communication. I try to provide guidance and structure. But I also trust the volunteers I work with (and especially the language coordinators) to make good choices for their communities and competitions.

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