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Fabulous Prizes!

I’ve always said that Game Chef was about creative experimentation and that winning was an honour but otherwise tangential to the more important business of making art together. I was, of course, lying.

Game Chef is about cash money.

I’m kidding, obviously. But I am excited to announce that this year, there is a prize to honour our English-language Game Chef Winner, who will be revealed tomorrow at 2pm (PST).

The Class of 2004 Memorial Prize is awarded to the winner of the 2014 English-language competition, in honor of all the chefs who participated in Game Chef 2004. On our 10-year anniversary, Jonathan Walton offers this award of $100 in a salute to his 2004 comrades (Island! Ice! Dawn! Assault!) and to demonstrate our excitement about and confidence in the future of game design. Congratulations to the champion!

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