New coordinators for 2015!

The last two years have been great, and I’m humbled to see the ways that Game Chef has grown under my coordination. Last year the competition ran in seven languages simultaneously and had a total of 300 submissions worldwide (despite the theme being weird and difficult!). The Korean community laid claim to the world championship, even though it was their first time participating.

The time has come for me to step down from doing coordination, and to pass the mantle along to someone else. The coordinator position has grown over the last few years, so it made sense to break it into two distinct roles.

The Global Coordinator will be responsible for creating themes & ingredients every year, and liaising with the coordinating teams for each participating language. The role is going to be shared between Josh Jordan and Rachael Storey Burke.

A picture of Josh sitting in a diner booth, smiling. A picture of Rachael wearing glasses and short hair, smiling enthusiastically.


The English Coordinator will be responsible for implementing the competition for the English-language community, much like the Korean Coordinator or the Italian Coordinator or the French Coordinator do already. The English-language community is currently the biggest one participating in Game Chef. The role is going to be shared between Cheyenne Rae Grimes and Stentor Danielson.

A picture of Cheyenne, wearing headphones and turquoise hair, looking bemused. A side-picture of Stentor with a cat perched above his shoulder.


As for me, well… game design has been an interesting ride, but it’s time to focus on new projects in different communities. I’ll be making myself scarce around these parts, at least for now. Huge shout-outs to all chefs, past and future. May you create weird messy awesome games that shake the world up.


Avery Alder Mcdaldno

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