English Language Finalists Announced!

There were 106 entries to the English-language Game Chef competition for 2015, the biggest Game Chef ever! Based on the peer reviews and nominations, we’ve selected 12 games to advance to the finalist round. The English-language winner will be announced on July 19, and the global winner (selected from among the 8 language community winners) will be announced on August 1.

Because of the number of submissions, we’ve decided to name 12 finalists for this year’s English-language Game Chef. In alphabetical order, they are:

Dragon, Fly by Paul Beakley
Dragonfly Brewing Company by Michael Wenman
Dreams of Dragonflies by D.X. Logan
Far Away From Home by Aleksandra Samonek
Good Night Fairy Theatre by Emily Griggs
ISP Dragonfly by Kevin Omans
Sisters of the Hive by Jordan Saxby
Stay, Still by Heather Silsbee
Tea Ceremony by Niamh Schönherr
The Long Sleep by Bill Templeton
Wings by David Rothfeder

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