Game Chef 2016 Finalists

Your Game Chef 2016 English-language finalists, chosen based on peer review by all particpants, are:

Beyond Our Walls (Robert Bohl)
Clicks & Hums & Sirens & The Sun (Oli Jeffrey)
Impact Winter (Daniel Adams)
Intellectual Property (Jay Sylvano)
Last Transmission (Piers Connolly)
Making History (Rose Docherty)
Reach Escape (Taylor Dayton)
Rest (Emily Griggs)
Uncanny Valley (Stephen Dewey)

This year we had 93 games submitted. The peer reviews on the games were overwhelmingly positive, and we congratulate all of our participants on their hard work in creating a game. We can’t wait to see what comes of all of the games from this year’s contest.

The English-language winner will be announced on July 22.

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  1. Robert Bohl

    I’m very excited to be a finalist, and grateful to my reviewers for their terrific feedback.