Your International Game Chef Winner is …

“Out of the Cocoon” by Ivan Lania, winner of the Italian language Game Chef competition.

Check out all of our great language community winners that have been translated into English:

  • “Agoraphobia,” By Florencia Paula Müller & Lucas Hyon (Spanish)
  • “Out of the Cocoon,” by Ivan Lania (Italian)
  • “Focus,” by Alexander Carneiro (Portuguese)
  • “Matching Hearts,” by Damien «Rahyll» C. (French)
  • “Beyond Our Walls,” by Robert Bohl (English)

Congratulations to Ivan, and to everyone who participated in Game Chef 2016. Keep an eye on this space for announcements about Game Chef 2017!

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  1. Clark

    Are the links to the original-language document versions going to be posted as well?