Game Chef announces new Global Coordinators

Dallas, USA/London, UK — Game Chef, the yearly international game design competition focusing on analog game design, is excited to announce a new leadership team beginning in 2017. Alberto Muti and Alexandra Zanasi are the new Global Coordinators. Alberto and Alexandra have both served as Community Coordinators for Italian Game Chef, so they have both the experience and passion to manage the international competition beginning this year.

Game Chef Global Coordinators are responsible for creating themes & ingredients every year, and liaising with the coordinating teams for each participating language.

Josh T. Jordan and Rachael Storey, who served as Game Chef Global Coordinators for 2015-2016 are excited to pass the torch to this new team, and will maintain a behind-the-scenes role as part of Alberto and Alexandra’s advisor council. Josh and Rachael are particularly excited that the new leaders are from outside North America. After several years, this international competition will, for the first time, have leaders who aren’t American.

“There’s no way for Rachael and me to predict,” says Josh T. Jordan, ” I have no idea what amazing themes and ingredients Alberto and Alexandra will bring to Game Chef 2017, but I’m very excited to find out. Rachael and I have known these two for a few years now, and we’ve been impressed with their leadership in the Italian Game Chef community, so we know that we’re leaving the international community in good hands.”

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