== ARTISTS FIRST! 2008 ==

An Iron Game Chef Event

The Kitchen is in Full Production! The Design portion begins on Friday April 18th!


What is Iron Game Chef?
It's a yearly game design contest run by and produced for amateur and professional role playing game designers. Basically, a bunch of game design enthusiasts get together and try to design role playing games within a single week, using ingredients (in past years: words or rules, this year: art) as both inspiration and restriction for added challenge. In the end, a winner is declared, but the contest is more a means of building community and the experience of writing an RPG in a short time frame than it is to really win.

Why should you participate?
Because you want to challenge yourself. Because you want to try writing an RPG. Because you need the practice. To make new friends from different communities. To get yourself out of a rut. For honor and glory. Because it's there.

How does the contest work this year?
If you want detailed rules, look at the rules link at the top of this page. In short, though, for the last two weeks a group of artists has been working to produce interior illustrations for a role-playing game that doesn't exist. Your task will be to pick some of those illustrations and use them to write that role-playing game!

What do you need to do to sign up?
First, register for an account on this forum (click Discussions, above). Then, if you're absolutely sure you want to participate, post in the tap-in thread to let us know. If you'd rather wait until Friday to see the art and final rules bits, please do so.

When does it start?
This Friday the 18th of April. The contest will run a week plus two weekends, ending on Monday the 28th.

Jump On In!

It's not about winning.

It's about pushing yourself, and helping your peers.

...and at the end of the deadline, you'll have a framework for a publishable game!