The Iron Game Chef Mailing List at Yahoo Groups.

1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewriters: A great place to post your submission once the contest is over. "1KM1KT" has the largest collection of free Tabletop RPGs on the Internet.

The 24 Hour RPG Project: A sister project to this one that you may be interested in. Can you design a complete, playable game within 24 hours? Come find out!

Story-Games is a small place where some folk discuss story-oriented games.

The Forge, a stomping ground for small-press game designers, and the place where the last three Iron Game Chef contests went down.

The old Game Chef forums at 1KM1KT

RPG Net. The Place to discuss RPGs. Loudly.

The Indie RPG Awards features lots of small press games, a few of which were even conceived in previous Iron Game Chef contests.

Feel free to use other popular gaming websites to talk about your game ideas as well. You may have luck getting good feedback at other venues as well!